LDS Distribution Reward Program

LDS Distribution Rewards Program

To show our appreciation for your business, LDS Distribution has created the Rewards Program.  It's quite simple.  For every dollar you spend, you get 10 points.  The points never expire and they're good on any LDS Distribution online store. 

Getting the Points

To start accumulating points, you must have an account.  Accounts are free, private, and will work on any LDS Distribution online store.  If you don't have an account and would like to create one, click here.

Once you have an account, please make sure you are logged in when placing an order.  You can either login on the website any time or during checkout.  Upon successful completion of the order, your reward points will be available and ready for use!

Point totals can be checked anytime by simply logging into your account looking under, "Reward Points."

Besides placing orders, points are also awarded for creating an account (50 points), subscribing to the newsletter (100 points), leaving product reviews (100 points), and referring friends (500 points if they place an order).  For example, if you create an account, subscribe to the newsletter, and leave a valid product review, you'll already have 250 points to use on your next order. 

As stated above, if you refer a friend, and your friend places an order, you will be awarded an extra 500 points.  To refer a friend simply login to your account and look for "Referred Friends" in the account center.  Click on the link and you'll see a screen that asks for your friend's name and email address.  Simply put in those values and click, "Send."  Now if your friend uses the link to visit the site and places an order, you'll automatically receive the 500 bonus points.

Using Your Points

Every 100 points is worth $1.00

When you have points that you want to use, simply apply those points during the checkout process.  You must be logged in and once you are, you'll have the options to apply the points during the checkout process.

Let's say you created a new account, subscribed to the newsletter, referred a friend who made a purchase, and placed an order for $60.  That would give you 710 points or $7.10 to use on your next order.  Not too bad.


As already stated in our privacy policy, we take your privacy seriously and will NEVER sell or distribute your account information or any other information you provide. Participation in the rewards program doesn't alter our privacy policy.  Your information is still protected and secure.

Thank you for being our customer.  As always, if you ever need any assistance, please contact us!