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Scripture Covers & Totes

Q How do I know if these covers will fit my scriptures?
Q Do you have covers for the 2013 editions of English scriptures?
Q I found a pattern and/or color I really like but it's not available for the scripture cover I want. Can I still order it?
Q Why do the Tipica patterns differ from one scripture tote to another?
Q Will the pattern and/or color I order look exactly the same as the picture?
Q My leather covers are really tight. What should I do?
Q I noticed some very minor imperfections in the material. Is this normal?
Q Do you emboss items?


Q Where do you ship?
Q How soon is an order shipped once it is placed?

Returns & Exchanges

Q Do you have a return policy?
Q I want to make an exchagne for a different color, size, etc. How do I do that?


Q I'm looking for a specific kind of item that I don't see on your site. Can you find it and add it to your lineup?
Q What different forms of payment do you accept?
Q This page hasn't helped me. I haven't found the answer to my question. What do I do now?

Reward Points

Q Does it cost anything to start accumulating points?
Q How do I earn points?
Q How much are the reward points worth?
Q How do I redeem my points?